Gert Meijer - Bio

Hello! My name is Gert Meijer and I'm a 28 year old computer science student.


My programming background started in 2007 as part of my MBO course with C# and some experimentation with LUA for World of Warcraft add-ons.
After my graduation I went to the NHL University studying computer science.
On this course I worked with C#, Java, Python and C++.
I also started focussing on game programming gaining experience with both OpenGL and DirectX 11.

Most of my programming is done in Visual Studio using C++. I love diving in an algorithm and trying to implement it or solving small problems through the use of code!

A lot of my other time is spend playing games and my favourite game genres are (J)RPGs, Tactical RPGs and RTS games.
To stay somewhat in shape I also enjoy running.